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Whole Life Insurance as a Retirement Supplement

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Whole Life Insurance as a Retirement Supplement

I have been a strong proponent for using Whole Life Insurance as a Retirement Supplement for a long time. Whole Life Insurance can be the conservative allocation of your investment portfolio.  MassMutual has put together an excellent brochure and I’ll re-print some excerpts to get your attention.  A link to the brochure is below.   

Intro: Preparing for your financial future also involves preparing for your retirement. One important consideration to think about is the potential sources of your retirement income.

The Retirement Burden Shifts: Individuals are now increasingly responsible for funding their own plans, making their own investment choices and taking on the risk that those assets could decline in value during times of market volatility.

Three Important Questions:

– What would happen if you retired at a time when stock & bond prices are declining?

– What is the erosive impact of taking income from an equity-based retirement account in a bear market?

– How can you prepare to more effectively manage your income during retirement?

How Can You Take Control? Contact David Drescher to discuss how a Whole Life Insurance policy can be the ideal supplemental retirement income strategy for you. 

Retirement Supplement with WL.pdf

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