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Avoid Discussing your Vacation Online

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Have you ever shared your vacation details on a social media website? Although sharing aspects of your life is commonplace on these sites, posting details of your vacation may place your home in danger of being burglarized. CT burglars are aware of how often homeowners let slip their vacation plans, or give updates on their vacation on social media sites, and can use this information to search for unoccupied homes.

Keep in mind, while you may be discerning with the information you post on social media websites, your children may not be so careful. Communicating on social media is often a huge part of your children’s lives, and often they forget that what they post may be visible to a wider audience than just their friends. To reduce the likelihood of your home being burglarized and then having to deal with an insurance claim, it makes considerable sense to regularly remind your children of the possible consequences of sharing too much personal information online.

Your computer may also be a lot more vulnerable when you’re away on vacation. Before leaving, make sure your passwords are secure, and your other internet security measures are up to date. The files and personal information on your computer may be far more attractive to a thief than other items in your home. If you expect to be away for an extended length of time, it may be a wise idea to disconnect your internet connection for the time you’re gone.

Remember to make sure your home insurance policy is up to date, before you go on vacation. Always ensure you lock up, and get someone to periodically check your home and collect your mail while you are away.


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